Clear Out Unwanted Furniture With Ease

Ask about our office furniture decommissioning services in The Greater Southeast

One of our full-service perks is that we handle decommissions and liquidations for you. While it is not something most businesses think about, there do come times when you have to get rid of unnecessary furniture. If you move into a new office, if your company downsized, or even if total liquidation is necessary, you must do something with your excess office furniture. At Precision Office Solutions in The Greater Southeast, we can help you with all of your office furniture decommission needs. When you have office furniture that is new or gently used, we don't want to see it end up in a landfill. Instead, we will help you sell it, store it, or even donate it to a worthy charity for repurposing.

What happens to the furniture you no longer want?

You don't want all your furniture ending up in a landfill. When you get office furniture decommissioning services with our team, we try to find eco-friendly ways to liquidate your furniture. We may:

  • Sell it for you
  • Relocate or put it in storage for you
  • Donate it to a charity of your choice
If anything must be thrown away, we'll take it to an environmentally sound landfill and recycle as much as we can. Schedule an appointment for our office liquidation services right away.